The company ensures that the Cut-Lamination manufactured is as per the ISO standards and has low core losses.To make this lamination, there are different processes through which this material has to pass through :

1. Slitting / Cutting 
2. Stamping 
3. Annealing

First the coils or sheets are slitted with the help of Slitting machine or Shearing Machine into different widths, then it is fed to the shearing machine to get the required length and degree. These machines are operated electrically and manually.

These strips of required length and width are then processed in the press for the required ‘V-notch’ and Holing if required. Then it is sent for annealing to mitigate the losses. Finally it is sent for packing and despatch.

The company being located in to Union Territory of Union Territory of Dadra & Nagar haveli has a tax exemption of CST and thereby it passes this benefit to its customers thereby    reducing their cost.

  • Motor stampings

    For motor stampings & E & I type electrical lamination, CRNGO strips of particular length  and width are fed into the required tools and dies to get the product.

  • Torridol Cores

    Continuous coils of the specific width are fed on the winding machine which winds it  in the required diameter.

  • Core Assembly

    CRGO Lamination which is processed as per the customers’ specifications is assembled in the form of the core as per the drawings ready to use in the transformers.

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